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A Day in the Life of a First-Grade Teacher

From the outside looking in, a teacher’s days may appear attractive, with short hours and summers off. However, that view is an optical illusion. The reality is that a teacher’s daily hours don’t end when the kids head home. And that long summer? Most teachers spend the entire month of August preparing lesson plans for…

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Facing the Teacher Shortage

Why Utah struggles to keep educators, and what the U is doing to help.

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When Bright Minds Turn Dark

With mental health concerns among college students on the rise, the U is throwing a lifeline.

Social Media—Hurting or Helping?

Living at least part of your life online is becoming “the new normal,” and being able to navigate and work within it is…

University of Utah alum Ed Catmull , who co-founded Pixar Animation Studios, stands in the company’s headquarters in California. (All photos courtesy Pixar Animation Studios)

The Imaginer

University of Utah alum Ed Catmull has taken a path that melds science and artistic endeavor.

University of Utah alumna and Harvard history professor Laurel Thatcher Ulrich examines an antique quilt in her home in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Making History

U alum Laurel Thatcher Ulrich finds revelations in the relics of everyday life.

University of Utah alum John Bennion tutors Binti Aden in writing at Bryant Middle School in Salt Lake City. (Photos by Michael Brandy)

Fostering Education

U alum John Bennion’s Bryant Scholarship Project nurtures refugee students’ dreams and hopes.

Saying Yes

For actress Klea Blackhurst, life’s a musical improv. Performer Klea Blackhurst BFA’85’s first time on stage was while she was still in utero, when her pregnant mother, Utah actor Winkie Tedesco Horman BFA’61, appeared in Oklahoma! singing “I’m just a girl who cain’t say no.” The next time she appeared on stage with her mother,…

Letting in the Light

A new state-of-the-art building brings nursing students into the 21st century. ~In 1863, when Florence Nightingale journeyed to the Crimea to nurse injured British soldiers fighting the war there, she was appalled at the deplorable conditions in which her patients languished. “The hospitals were dark, the windows were wet and dark—it was really a breeding…

Mending the Tapestry

UNP/Hartland works to weave the diverse cultures of Salt Lake City into the University fabric. ~ We all know the image of Ivory Towers—universities as places of esoteric knowledge, havens for the elite, separated from the real-world affairs of ordinary people.But we also know our society itself isn’t like that. It’s increasingly nonhomogenous. It’s multicultural. It’s…

The Time of Their Lives

Meet five diverse freshmen embarking on academic careers at the University of Utah. ~ Once again, the days are becoming shorter. Nights bear the cooler edge of approaching autumn. The sun-baked mountains are a breath away from donning fall colors. And nearly 29,000 students have just arrived on the University of Utah’s scenic campus to…

The Brazilian Connection

The U’s new Brazilian Studies Program fills a niche in helping students understand the country and forge connections. Photos by Douglas Pulsipher    Illustrations by Scott Greer In 2014, a half-million visitors will descend upon Brazil for the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament. In 2016, the world will stampede to Rio de Janeiro to experience the…

The Ivory Keys to Success

The U’s School of Music helps elementary and high school students hit all the right notes.

School Mates

A number of couples have found their callings on campus.