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Body Donor Program

I thoroughly enjoyed the December issue of Continuum, specifically, the article discussing the importance of the Body Donor Program [“A Virtuous Circle,” Winter 2018-19]. You see, I am not only a University of Utah alum... I also joined the body donation program this year while I finalized my end-of-life plans. Reading about Kerry Peterson [pictured above] and his dedication to the integrity of the program was very reassuring. I will share this article with my family to help them understand the importance of my decision.

Tiffany Anderson BS’04  | Salt Lake City

Kerry Peterson is one of those hidden treasures on this campus. I was lucky enough to know him peripherally when we worked in the same building. And I learned a lot from him about the Body Donor Program and can now represent it for all its compassion and importance. He is an outstanding example of an exceptional U of U employee.

Jan Abramson  | Salt Lake City

I have had the honor of working with Kerry and the bodies that are donated as I have set up, planned out, and coordinated multiple cadaver labs for [the U’s] surgeons in training. I see the reverence in which bodies are handled, the respectful language that is used, the joy and fascination in the faces of doctors as they learn from these individuals. Each surgeon thanks the donor at the conclusion of our labs. It’s a phenomenal experience, and I can’t think of a better way to contribute to future generations.

Ruth Braga BA’99  | Salt Lake City

My wife passed away last November after a near decade-long battle with cancer. She wanted to donate her body so that fewer people might die due to that horrible disease in the future. The body donation people [at the U] I dealt with were all very respectful and honestly some of the most kind and understanding that I have ever met. They were truthful and honest and answered every question that we had. It was also a really nice weekend this last summer as the new names that were etched into the wall of panels were unveiled.

Steven Martinez BS’82  | Salt Lake City

Chrony Goes Digital

[“Old News is Good News,” Winter 2018-19]

How fun to look up my old theater reviews!

Walker Van Antwerp BA’80  | San Pedro, Calif.

Giving Refuge

Dr. Nyawelo, thank you for the courage and work you have applied to fulfilling your vision and purpose in life. [“Finding Refuge in Education,” Fall 2018]. Yours is an inspiring example!

Beth Braithwaite

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