The purpose of Continuum is to explore the traditions, heritage, and evolving excellence that are the essence of Utah’s flagship public institution of higher education.The magazine seeks to offer insight into University-related events, to help stimulate thought and formulate opinion, and to place in perspective the unfolding chapters of University history. Continuum also aspires to enhance the image of the University, promote pride in the institution, and demonstrate its national and international reach and influence.

The pages of Continuum keep alumni, faculty, staff, and community members up to date through in-depth features covering science, health, arts, humanities, athletics, and the people at the U whose work is at the national forefront. The magazine has a circulation of about 400,000 copies nationwide each year, with distribution to about 115,000 households each for the Fall, Winter, and Spring issues and at least 52,000 for the Summer issue. Using the industry standard of an estimated 2.5 readers per issue (generally considered a safe to low pass-along estimate), that calculates to about 1,000,000 readers each year.

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Editorial Board

William Warren

J. Melody Murdock

Senior Editor
Marcia C. Dibble

Managing Editor
Seth Bracken

Associate Editor
Ann Floor BFA’85

Art Director/Photographer
David E. Titensor BFA’91

Ad/Sponsor Partnerships 
Brian Rasmussen


Distribution and Demographics

Recent Awards

  • 96.1 percent of Continuum readers are alumni
  • Readers who earn $135,000 or more per annum read Continuum more than readers in lower income categories
  • More than 50 percent of readers cite Continuum as their primary source of information about events and activities at the University of Utah