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still riding
 the waves

Doug Fabrizio celebrates 30 years on the air at KUER.

the cave that holds 
a million bones

... and what it can tell us about climate change.

a long line
of alumnae

Meet a family whose U heritage spans five generations of female grads.


How Hinckley fellow Pierre-Richard Prosper made global legal history.


Web exclusives

THE CAVE OF BONES expedition 

Follow along with a group of U researchers on a recent visit to Homestead Cave—a compact time capsule of an ecosystem.

 The U's 45th annual powwow

See more colorful photos from this year's powwow, dedicated to the Northern Ute Tribe and highlighting the growth of intertribal unity across the country.


watch a badger
BURY A calf

While studying scavengers in Utah’s Great Basin Desert, U biologists observed a badger burying an entire calf carcass.