Cover Story

Innovation, Meet Lifestyle

How the U’s new Lassonde Studios is launching students into the makers-sphere.

Still Riding the Waves

Doug Fabrizio celebrates 30 years on the air at KUER.

Facing the Teacher Shortage

Why Utah struggles to keep educators, and what the U is doing to help.

Bridging Borders

U social workers lead the way in efforts to build and connect local and global refugee communities.

A Voice for Global Justice

Law Professor Erika George fights to end practices that erode human dignity.

Providing a Home

Utah’s acclaimed Housing First program to eliminate chronic homelessness has strong University of Utah ties.

When Bright Minds Turn Dark

With mental health concerns among college students on the rise, the U is throwing a lifeline.

The Cost of College

How the U moves students toward greater opportunity, with all-around investments in their futures.

The Mental Game

For many U athletes, sports psychology coaching provides an edge for top performance.


The University’s ‘hybrid’ learning approach includes flipped classrooms as well as new degrees.

Clearing the Air

A U interdisciplinary program aims to become a national resource on improving air quality.

Art and Learning

The new Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts and Education Complex fosters an innovative approach to teaching kids in all subjects.

Partners for Diversity

Octavio Villalpando and Dolores Delgado Bernal have led the U’s equity and diversity efforts for more than seven years.

Genetics and U

Groundbreaking U research and current legal developments are changing medicine and patient access to discoveries.