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International Progress

I believe this is a great step forward [“Global U,” Winter 2013-14]. It builds on the international education experiences like the one I enjoyed in 1973 when I studied Arabic in Tunisia, with the assistance of an NDEA Fellowship. I also did my PhD dissertation research in Tunisia in 1973 with the assistance of a University of Utah Research Fellowship. I’ve worked with Dr. [Michael] Hardman, as a member of the College of Education Advancement Board, when he was dean of the College of Education. His leadership ability and international education experience make him a perfect choice.

Keith W. Martin BS’71 MEd’72 PhD’75
Bountiful, Utah

Memories of Carlson Hall

A highlight of my freshman year at the U was living at Carlson Hall in 1949 [“Remembering Carlson Hall,” Winter 2013-14]. It was a thriving hub of activity. I met so many friends there. There were strict rules in curfews, but some of the girls got around them by going out the windows to meet their boyfriends. We laughed about some of the meals we had. One entree was beef tongue, and another was parsley soup with not much else in it. I had a private room, so that I could get my studies done. Just loved the place!

Norene Rogers Emerson BA’53
Houston, Texas

I was renting a room two houses from the Institute of Religion. I was selected for the NROTC Program. During my 1952 junior year, I met this very attractive freshman [Diane] whose father was an Army colonel stationed in Germany. She came home to go to the U. She attended the LDS Institute. I asked her out, and when I found out she was living at Carlson Hall, this was perfect. I could date her on my $10 a week spending money. We went to all the U and the Institute’s functions. Every night, I would walk down to Carlson Hall to see her. As I had to wait in the date room, I spent time playing “Old Buttermilk Sky,” which was the only piano piece I could remember. Upon graduation, we got married. I went into the Navy and was stationed at the U.S. Naval Base in Sasebo, Japan. She came over, and the rest is history. August 30th will be our 60th. Thanks, Carlson Hall.

Earl Benedict BS’54
Boise, Idaho

A Digital Future

As much as I enjoy the present connectivity, it can never replace that I felt in the stacks in the basement of the U library back in 1953 [“A Pathway Through Books,” Winter 2013-14]. Nothing will ever replace the feel of a good book in your hands.

Paul L. Hansen BS’53
San Clemente, California

I agree that the very nature of paper and binding, held between two hands, is not a transitory matter, but the attributes of a modern academic environment lend themselves to the digital realm. The digital library, in the hands of a visionary, becomes a leveling, bridging, and democratic environment that opens its collection to a wider community of users.

Tony Sams BFA’03
Salt Lake City, Utah

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