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Winter 2017 Features

Genes and

The U’s renowned genetics education website helps people understand the roots of dependence.

of the U

Short first-person stories from members of the U community offer inspiring perspectives.

30 Years of
Student Service

The Bennion Center remains true to its foundation of student leadership.

Why Humanities Matter

A conversation with Dianne Harris, a champion for the disciplines.


Web exclusives

The end of Ed's

After nearly 50 years of dishing up grub, Big Ed’s is no more. Check out more pics and share your memories.

Sink or swim

The goal: sink your opponent’s canoe before you get sunk. See more photos and a video of the action!

Mice on drugs 

Check out this interactive video of how a mouse's brain "gets high" on drugs. (Read addiction article for more info). 

Why Humanities 

A degree in the Humanities is a foundation for just about any career, but why exactly do the humanities matter?