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We Heard U

This fall, we surveyed our Alumni Association members to find out what makes their membership valuable and to get ideas for enhancing the program. Here are some highlights of the feedback we received.


Recently, I renewed my membership in the Alumni Association and have enjoyed how my membership has reconnected me to the U. My kids and I take advantage of the amazing Student Life Center (where was this when I was in law school?!), as well as two-for-one tickets to Utah men’s basketball. We also hope to catch more U Ballet and Modern Dance, and the two-for-one tickets will make that easier. I enjoy receiving the Continuum four times per year, catching up on friends and colleagues, learning about interesting research and programs, and penciling in dates for upcoming events.

Taken together, all of these things help bring me onto campus and deepen my connection to the university. The kids and I ride bikes on the new bike paths, enjoy sticking our heads into the University Campus Store to look for a new T-shirt or hat, and have fun watching women’s soccer and softball games. At the men’s basketball games, I see friends and connect over other campus events and make plans to attend lectures or performances. At the Student Life Center, I like to wander over to Campus Outdoor Adventures and think about renting a sled for a winter ski trip or dry bags for a summer rafting vacation.

Bottom line, my Alumni Association membership makes it that much easier to stay connected with and take advantage of all the comings and goings at the U.

—Steve Bloch JD’97

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