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Spring 2018 Features

The Disappearing Self

An academic's 'field notes' on her own experience with dementia.

The Rise of Club Sports

Students play for love of the game and
so much more.

Shifting The Narrative

An alum's extraordinary life shows how we can rewrite the stories that limit us.

Defending Innocence

Law alums help free an innocent man who spent 22 years in prison.

Mindfulness 101

Stressed out? In chronic pain? Distracted? Try this.


Web exclusives

Then & Now

See all the 2018 Campus Calendar images comparing historical photos to today.

Shift The Narrative

Be inspired by alum Russell Redenbaugh's TEDx Talk "Post-Traumatic Gifted."

Meditation guide

Let professor Trinh Mai guide you step by step through a 15-minute meditation.

Club Sports

Check out student-athletes in action playing the sports they love so much.