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Energy Efficiency

In recent years, the University of Utah has made itself a hub for energy innovation and a model for cost-saving efficiency measures. With the creation of its revolving loan fund in 2008, the U’s Energy Office can now perpetually finance long-term energy efficiency projects using the savings earned from existing energy-optimizing projects. One milestone came […]

Water Conservation

For decades, the University of Utah irrigated its manicured Kentucky bluegrass lawns using culinary water from Salt Lake City. Excess rain and snowmelt runoff was channeled away through storm drains, sometimes adding to erosion or pollution problems downstream. But in recent years, the U’s Plant Operations realized that the campus could save money while keeping […]

Campus Gardens

Just east of the Simmons Pioneer Memorial Theatre, 4,000 square feet of raised-bed garden boxes cradle sprouting vegetables that bask in this sun-filled outdoor classroom. Vines of pole beans grow overhead to form playful tunnels next to towering stalks of red amaranth. Nearby, student volunteers use pitchforks to turn piles of composting leaves and cafeteria […]