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Winter 2016

A Day in the Life of a First-Grade Teacher

From the outside looking in, a teacher’s days may appear attractive, with short hours and summers off. However, that view is an optical illusion. The reality is that a teacher’s daily hours don’t end when the kids head home. And that long summer? Most teachers spend the entire month of August preparing lesson plans for…

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Facing the Teacher Shortage

Why Utah struggles to keep educators, and what the U is doing to help.


Some of the latest comments and letters from our readers


The new Lassonde Studios entrepreneurial haven, the FanUp pledge, the "U"moji emoji keyboard, suicide-prevention app, Asia Campus students in SLC, and more

Campus Scene: Farewell to OSH

Orson Spencer Hall, affectionately known by nearly everyone throughout its 60-plus years on campus as “OSH,” is no more.


Find out why some people function just fine with little sleep. Or do they?

Travis Nolan, a U sports medicine graduate student and athletic trainer, assesses an injury of a Judge Memorial player.

Team Work

New sports med partnerships benefit Olympians, pros, everyday athletes—and the U.

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Meet the Chief

Dale Brophy takes his job seriously to make campus safe for everyone.

Charlie Miller stands atop Cira Green. Photo by Basel Almisshal

Gardening, Elevated

Charlie Miller takes green spaces to the rooftops, for cool vistas, and cooler cities.

Alum News

Merit of Honor awards, new Alumni Career Services career coach, Homecoming 2016 highlights, Alumni Association Scholarships: Made Possible By You, Alumni travel

Like Father, Like Daughter

Bev Uipi continues a family legacy of trailblazing in local politics.

Alumni Association Scholarships

Each spring, the University of Utah Alumni Association is honored to award more than half a million dollars of scholarship money to students, ranging from incoming freshmen to graduate students. That amount usually surprises people, and we are often asked where the money comes from. The simple response is: From you, our alumni and friends.…

Through the Years

News about University of Utah alumni

One More

A new Downwinders of Utah Archive, housed at the University of Utah’s J. Willard Marriott Library, depicts the stories of Utah communities adversely affected by the Nevada Test Site's nuclear tests.