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Rise and Write

Well-written article! Fascinating teacher and writer.

Linnea Charnholm BS’91
Draper, Utah

Wonderful story. Some very good tips for an aspiring writer—except for the part about getting up at 0430. Ugh! Thanks.

Bob Poirier BS’73
Martinez, Calif.

Intellectual Infusion

Great article! Professor Martinez was by far my favorite professor at the U. I learned so much from her. Many things I still use to this day. She made me think differently both then and now. The University of Utah can only HOPE to have more instructors just like her.

Michele Mills BS’06
Salt Lake City

Runnin’ with the Pac

(article) My brother [Frank MD’84] and I are alumni living in California. We rarely had a chance to see Utah sports until they joined the Pac-12. It is fantastic attending games out here and wearing Utah red.

Patrick Robinson BS’80
Sacramento, Calif.

Foodie Gone Wild

Great article, great life story. Just a new fan to North Wild Kitchen, but becoming devout. My wife is Norwegian, so the Scandinavian food experience is new, fun, and wonderful. Put me on the list for a copy of the cookbook when it comes out.

Stan Lucas

Godfather of The MUSS

(article) I have known John [Fackler] since the early 1980s. His enthusiasm for the U is incredible. He remains a great guy and a true asset to the university. The state is fortunate to have him.

Frank Pignanelli BA’81 JD’84
Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City [John Fackler is] one of the true professionals in alumni affairs. And one of the best Utes I know!

Patti Daves

Facing the Teacher Shortage

(article) One solution I like to think exists with education in general is to look for alternative ways people learn. I believe that there are many opportunities to use video games. Of course, like everything else, limiting the amount of time kids play video games in one sitting is important, but one of my interests in game development is helping education. I’m glad programs like the U’s EAE [Entertainment Arts & Engineering] studio exist.

Arturo Ordonez-Hernandez
Current U master’s student in EAE

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