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Peter and Gerda Saunders

Dementia Field Notes

[“The Disappearing Self,” Spring 2018] I’m so grateful for this article and to this wonderful professor for writing about her dementia. My husband has vascular dementia. His doctor, like hers, said he knew it would be hard for us to know that he is demented, but it was true nonetheless. I’m sure she has many who love her, as I do my husband. Glenn Campbell wrote his song “I’m Not Going to Miss You” when he was diagnosed with dementia. Perhaps the not knowing their loved ones is merciful, because it simplifies their lives. Even though my husband doesn’t miss me, I miss him.

Stella Andes BA’97 | Orem, Utah

Proven Innocent

[“Defending Innocence,” Spring 2018] Wow. How shocking that he was imprisoned for so many years. It seems this happens quite a bit. What an amazing team and accomplishment to be able to rescue someone from such a terrible accusation. I hope this will inspire many other lawyers to help those claiming to be innocent. Thank goodness for those lawyers, and thank you for the great story!

Becky McAlister | Roy, Utah

Unfortunately our criminal justice system is reliant on human beings—police officers and district attorneys—complete with their own biases and objectives. As long as these biases remain unchecked, and as long as convictions are more important than punishing the rightful perpetrator, our justice system will be flawed.

Matthew Holman | Salt Lake City

Inspiring Story

[“Shifting the Narrative,” Spring 2018] Excellent article about a very interesting man who would probably hate being called “inspirational.” But that’s what it was. I’m motivated by his parting shot that, “I’m not special… anyone can do it.”

Angelisa Petit BS’11 | Ogden, Utah

Mr. Redenbaugh’s story is very inspirational! I too am a contrarian, and his comments about the ADA and life and what you make of it are spot on!

John Pippas BA’87 | Mission Viejo, California

Thank You, President Pershing

[“Alum News” Spring 2018] Congratulations to Dr. David Pershing on wrapping up his tenure as university president. I’m glad to see that he is planning to get back to teaching; as my graduate advisor (1980- 81), he was everything a student could want or expect, and I have no doubt he will be very effective back in the classroom and as an advisor again, if that is in his plans. I wish him the best in the coming years.

Dale Tomlinson MEN’81 | Phoenix, New York

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