Student Blogs

Summer's End

Summer’s almost over, only a few days left until I begin the new chapter in my life. I never thought the first day of college would come, but now that it’s almost here words can’t describe how I feel! Most people would be extremely nervous for their first day—I was one of those people but […]

A New Beginning

All I can say is wow! So many thoughts running through my mind at a thousand miles per second it seems. It feels like just the other day I was getting ready to take my recruiting trip to the U of U and now I’m a student here. So many feelings, some happy, some sad. […]

Moving Day August 2010

My family got rolling the Monday before classes started. We made our way through Denver and on to Salt Lake City, facing thunderstorms and witnessing soaring rainbows—higher than we had ever seen before. It seems my college experience started off with an adventure in and of itself. The following Thursday I was able to move […]

First Impressions of the U

For the first few days at the U, this beautiful place impresses me. Salt Lake City is totally different from Boston. The U is much more beautiful, and people here are nicer. Even strangers smile and talk to you. There are also many advantages to being a U student: the lower prices at Smiths [grocery […]