Summer's End

Summer’s almost over, only a few days left until I begin the new chapter in my life. I never thought the first day of college would come, but now that it’s almost here words can’t describe how I feel! Most people would be extremely nervous for their first day—I was one of those people but thanks to the Jumpstart program that I was in over the summer, I’m no longer as nervous as I thought I would be. Taking advantage of this program definitely helped make that transition from high school to college much easier. I became more familiar with the campus, became acquainted with some of the instructors and made many new friends. This all happened in just six weeks, I can only imagine what will happen during the first semester. My friends and I have already made plans to attend Crimson Nights, attend the first football game and join the MUSS. But of course, these are only a few of the things that I want to accomplish on my long “College To Do List.” I look forward to attending all my classes, making new friends and just enjoying my first year as a college student.


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