First Impressions of the U

For the first few days at the U, this beautiful place impresses me. Salt Lake City is totally different from Boston. The U is much more beautiful, and people here are nicer. Even strangers smile and talk to you. There are also many advantages to being a U student: the lower prices at Smiths [grocery store], free bus and Trax, cheap bowling, good bank service, etc. The cost-of-living is low here, but the quality of life is not low. The whole university feels just like a huge holiday village, where buildings are not tall but exquisite. The environment is great, but the weather is a little dry. I really enjoy the life here. The 23rd of August is the beginning of the fall semester. I can’t wait to meet my new classmates and professors. I believe they will be nice. Eighteen is the most important age for me in my life, and I think I have chosen the right way.


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