Alumni Subscriptions

Print-edition subscriptions for alumni are available with a University of Utah Alumni Association membership. Click Here to Become a Member.

University of Utah Faculty and Staff Subscriptions

If you have not already subscribed to Continuum magazine, sign up now to receive the print edition via campus mail. Once you have entered yourself as a subscriber, you will be subscribed indefinitely by uNID, and all uNIDs will be checked against the Human Resources address list quarterly, before circulation, so all active employee subscribers will receive the magazine at the campus address currently recorded with HR. (You can check the address on record here. To update that address, contact your department HR/PAN form manager.)

Click Here to Subscribe

Please note: This form is for on-campus circulation only. For off-campus address corrections or other mail-handling updates or special requests, please email Marcia Dibble at

Individual copies also are available on campus:  Copies of each current issue are distributed on racks at entrances to the Olpin Union, Marriott Library, Heritage Center, Park Building, Student Housing & Residential Center, and University Orthopaedic Center, and at the Alumni Association.

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