Queen for a Day

I can’t even begin to thank Continuum and the University for making such a fuss over Margaret Price Carlston [featured in “Hostess with the Mostest,” Winter 2009 Association News, as the U’s first “Homecoming Hostess”]. At nearly 94 years old, it is good for her to get a little excitement out of life.

She has had so much fun with her newfound fame. Friends, family, and well wishers have been contacting her since September [when this past Homecoming was celebrated]. Most of the Christmas cards from friends mentioned they saw her on TV, read about her in Continuum and The Daily Utah Chronicle, heard about it from friends, or saw information on the Internet. It was amazing how word spread that the U of U honored her during Homecoming week.

She has received letters from people she hasn’t heard from in 40 years or more. It has been great to see the excitement from longtime friends who had no idea that she was so “famous” 73 years ago.

The joy that Continuum, the University, the Alumni Association, the Homecoming committee, the faculty newsletter staff, the Chronicle, and the Delta Gamma girls have brought to Margaret has been so amazing. All of this has really perked up her life. She talks about it all of the time. She can’t believe that she got to ride out onto the field with [U of U] President Young and that she got to meet Spence Eccles. It has been fun for our whole family.

Again, I cannot thank all of you enough. You have given Margaret a precious gift to be treasured in her golden years.

She has always been our “Queen.” Thank you for making her “Queen for a Day” and helping her remember days gone by.

Kathy Carlston Miner
Cottonwood Heights, Utah

Fountain Memories

I remember going to football games in the late 1940s-early ’50s, and just outside the southwest entrance to the stadium there was a water fountain with at least 24 (maybe more) “bubblers” or spigots that was labeled “The Fountain of Ute.” I’ve no idea whether this was near the building featured in the article [“Wondrous Water,” Winter 2009], or had any connection to it at all, but that’s my recollection; I wonder if that old fountain is still in existence?

Dick Robinson BA’75
Walnut Creek, Calif.

Two Sons Too Many

Today I received my copy of the Spring 2010 Continuum. I immediately recognized the former home of my uncle and aunt, Joseph and Evelyn Rosenblatt [“House, Home, Reception Hall”]. I spent many happy times there enjoying their generous hospitality.

I did, however, note an error on page 27. There is a reference to five sons and one daughter. There are three sons and one daughter:  Norman, Stephen, Toby, and Mindy. Maybe four children just isn’t a big enough family for Utah.

Carol Landa ex’67 (daughter of Esther Rosenblatt Landa ex’33)
San Francisco, Calif.

Ed. Note: Thank you for letting us know. The article also included another error: Former U of U President Art Smith is married to June Smith. The article mistakenly referred to her by another name.

Hess Deserved More

I was disappointed to see that you failed to note that Marvin G. Hess was also the head track and field coach for many years [“In Memoriam,” Winter 2009 Gazette]. One world-class Olympian, Blaine Lindgren BS’62 [U of U Hall of Fame], was developed under his coaching along with many other fine athletes. While I know how much he loved wrestling, Marvin Hess would want his contribution to U of U track and field to be recognized. He was a great friend and coach to many athletes at the University.

Mike Soulier BS’64
Salt Lake City, Utah

Ed. Note: A longer tribute to Hess and others noted in the Winter 2009 In Memoriam is available here.

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