The Norton Legacy

I was delighted to see my grandfather, E. J. Norton, mentioned in the [Fall 2010] issue of Continuum in the story written by Roy Webb [And Finally]. I grew up on the campus, as my father, Joseph A. Norton [BA’32], became the registrar after the gentlemen who followed my grandfather left to pursue other employment. Dad was in that position from about 1945 until 1965, when he was hired at Arizona State University and left Utah. He has been back in Salt Lake since about 1978 and is still living at the age of 99.

Linda Norton Korte ex’62
Farmington, N.M.

From Registration to Matrimony

I read the article by Roy Webb in the Fall 2010 Continuum concerning the long registration lines at the University. I well remember the first time I faced the registration line at the University. In my case, the registration frustration turned out wonderfully. I was standing there very bored when a young blonde woman behind me struck up a conversation. We chatted as we waited in line, registered for an economics class together, and then went out to lunch. Michelle (BS’79) and I just celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary. I also guess our son Travis (Class of 2014) is happy we waited in that line. Thanks for bringing back a fond memory in our case!

Alan Bunn BS’78
Alpharetta, Ga.

Those Long-Lived Utes

I enjoyed Continuum’s short article [Through The Years, Fall 2010] on Hilda Marie Hicks Richins (BS’30). Family members, my mother, and I had the opportunity to have lunch with Mrs. Richins and her family at the Governor’s Century Club of Utah in September. Mom (Lillian Alice Anderson Draper, born 1 Jan. 1906) is also a B.S. graduate of the U of U, class of 1926. In October, Mom took part in West High School’s Homecoming assembly, where she sang the West High fight song. (Not being partial, she can also still sing “Utah Man.”)

Mom studied art with Leconte Stewart and Mable Frazier at the U and B.F. Larsen at the Y. Though legally blind, with the help of a Merlin Reading Machine, she still does a limited edition hand-drawn Christmas card each year… which is her answer to the question, “What is the secret of your longevity?”

Thomas W. Draper
Professor of Human Development,
School of Family Life
Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah

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