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University of Utah President Ruth V. Watkins

Cheers for President Ruth Watkins

The [Summer 2018] article stresses that President Watkins is ready to take the university to the next level of excellence in all areas. With her at the helm, I have no doubt it will happen.

Cecelia H. Foxley MA’65 PhD’68 | Former Utah Commissioner of Higher Education

Brooke Adams wrote a fabulous piece on Ruth Watkins. She created such a clear and inspiring picture of our wonderful new leader. Thank you.

Pamela S. Perlich PhD’92  | Gardner Policy Institute, U of U

Phone-Free Driving

This was a great article! [“Hang Up and Drive,” Summer 2018] I am going to share it with all of my adult kids. I am also going to pull over if I need to use my phone. This really made me think seriously about my phone and driving. Thank you so much.

Liz Cowan | Salt Lake City

Thanks and Congrats, Chris Hill

Dr. Hill, congratulations on an outstanding career. [“Chris Hill Calls it a Game,” Summer 2018] Thank you for interacting with our Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston alumni chapters…. You were and are an inspiration to many people in our Texas communities, including myself. We know you and your family will enjoy your next “career.”

Davis Tubre MBA’73 | Haltom City, Texas

I would like to thank Dr. Chris Hill for his many years and accomplishments at the university…. I have always felt Utah athletics was in good hands with him at the helm and have been proud of the way he represented the University of Utah. Good luck and Godspeed, Dr. Hill.

Marilyn Colombo Halamandaris BA’59 | Villa Park, Calif.

From Books to Beakers

What a wonderful story of adaptive reuse of a remarkable building. [“Pop Quiz,” Summer 2018] On a nostalgic note, I well remember the reading room pictured at the top of the article—but mostly from spending hours there reading history while in high school. I can even recall the ambient scent of that room, shades of Proust. I majored in English literature at the U, but eventually history returned to claim my postgraduate career interests, probably in part from the love of that reading room. Thanks for a fine and informative piece.

David N. Wetzel BA’65 MA’67 | Kansas City, Mo.

3 thoughts on “Feedback

  • In the latest Continuum in the article on the Marriott Library you make mention of the “Joseph S. Quinney Ski Archives. Please correct this mos naming. My Grandfather was S. J. Quinney. So the correct name is The S. Joseph Quinney Ski Archives. Or the S.J. Quinney Ski Archives or the Joe Quinney Ski Archives.
    Thank you
    Frederick (Rick) Quinney Lawson [grandson]

  • I really enjoyed the Fall 2018 issue of Continuum magazine. I am so proud to be a University of Utah alum!
    In my opinion, it is the University of Utah that makes Salt Lake City a desirable place to live.

    One reason I enjoyed this issue is because of the stories about diversity and inclusiveness — The Cry Closet, Finding Refuge in Education, and A Harmonic Progression.

    Having lived in the Bay Area now for over four years, I was thrilled to see how the University of Utah is a leader in bringing these important qualities (diversity and inclusion) to Salt Lake City specifically but also the state.

    I’m also excited to see that the University has a woman president — another great example of diversity.
    Keep up the great work!

    Lynda Roberts
    BFA 1998, MPA 2005

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