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Global Justice

Thought provoking! [“A Voice for Global Justice”] Encouraged that change will come by the mere fact that Ms. George puts her voice and her efforts to work with the same passion. Thank you for caring and doing.

Janet Harvey
Cade, La.

Good Trouble

The article was really good! [“Good Trouble,” Summer 2016] I attended the U from 1958 after I got out of the Navy and graduated in 1962. The high point was meeting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. … As I recall, the only black student was basketball star Billy McGill. Things have sure changed for the better!

Sid Karsh BS’62
La Canada Flintridge, Calif.

Editor’s note: Read a feature on the late Billy McGill ex’62 here.

Much Ado

Being one of the women in one of her workshops in Zoho [“Much Ado About Something,” Summer 2016], I must say it was one of the best writing workshops I have ever attended, especially in the technology space! I mean, who teaches you to write for Google and other technology-driven search engines by reading Virginia Woolf and MLK and Malcolm X?! I already have goosebumps thinking of the beautiful two weeks spent at Emily’s workshop!

Hannah Jayapriya

Partners in Prevention

My wife and I moved to Los Angeles a few years ago to be more readily available to help my son and his family. (His daughter has a rare, debilitating disease.) We’ve gotten heavily involved in the nonprofit International Fibrodisplaysia Ossificans Progressiva Association, which works on behalf of the patients and families involved with this disease. In the fall, we will be hosting a scientific conference, bringing researchers together from around the world. It’s hard to imagine a better story than the article on Dr. Schiffman [“Partners to Prevent Cancer,” Summer 2016] and his “aha moment” to underscore the importance of these conferences.

Paul Brinkman
San Pedro, Calif.

It Takes a Person

Editor’s note: More than six years on, the article “You Need a Person” (Spring 2010) continues to get comments due to the impact of the work by its subject, Distinguished Professor Polly Wiessner:

Polly, the missionaries who devoted their life in Enga, and for those still working, I thank you for the great work done. For you Polly… you are a legend, and we love your willing heart in bringing such development to promote our unique culture.

Kelly Plane

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