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Difficult Choices

Featured ImageI’ve been haunted by the riveting title of “Why Should it Be So Hard to Die?” (Spring 2016) since reading it. The rasping irony of Peggy Battin’s story—both fictional and real—brought to light the complex, difficult choices that cluster at the end of our lives. Last month I was present at the bedside death of my father-in-law, the third of my parents to die peacefully at home. Achieving that quiet end required difficult conversations, lots of planning, and, often, swimming against the tide. Work like Battin’s, and this article in Continuum, will encourage us to ponder end-of-life choices earlier rather than later. Parting from our loved ones is hard, but death itself shouldn’t have to be.

Lisa Thomas
Orem, Utah

Housing the Homeless

Amazed at the success of this program (“Providing a Home,” Spring 2016). It gives me hope, especially to see young people involved and passionate about a program they see truly helping people.

Barbara Nord

Overdose Epidemic

In a time when the news is full of the most despicable examples of what human beings can become, how refreshing and wonderful to see two people doing so much to help so many (“Siblings Unite to Confront the Overdose Epidemic,” Spring 2016).

Jeff Key
America Junction, Alabama

God bless you [Jennifer and Sam Plumb]. In a world full of addiction, you are the light that shines.

Lisa Smalley
Vernal, Utah

Reaching Out

This is a great article, and one that I hope many students, faculty, and staff will read! (“When Bright Minds Turn Dark,” Winter 2015-16) Mental health concerns are particularly prevalent in graduate students, and I hope that in time more students will reach out for help and be more vocal about their experiences. I hope the stigma on anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders fades over time.

Katie Robinson
U doctoral student in neuroscience

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