Humans of the U

Meet four fascinating humans of the U.

Genes and Addiction

What does it really mean when someone says “addiction runs in my family”?

What Do We Want in a U president?

Find out what Utah alumni, students, and staff want in our next U President.

What Happy People Do

Ed Diener has devoted his academic career to figuring out what makes people happy and how to measure it.

No Flash in the Pan

How “flashing the U” became an iconic, unifying symbol.

Reflecting on War

Meet alum Kael Weston, a former State Department official, who wrote a book examining the human costs of conflict.

Innovation, Meet Lifestyle

How the U’s new Lassonde Studios is launching students into the makers-sphere.

Still Riding the Waves

Doug Fabrizio celebrates 30 years on the air at KUER.

‘The Uncondemned’

Find out how Pierre-Richard Prosper made global legal history.

A Long Line of Alumnae

Meet five generations of female U grads.

The Cave that holds a Million Bones

A zooarchaeological treasure reveals some 13,000 years of history.

Going Global

Take in a snapshot of the U’s Learning Abroad programs.

Intellectual Infusion

In fall 2016, the U had its largest incoming cohort of faculty and postdoctoral fellows from diverse backgrounds.

Brand New

David Perry unveils a new look and vision for U of U Health.