A Mind Aflame

Professor, writer, and editor Lance Olsen might make your head explode. As the author of 10 novels, four short-story collections, four critical studies, one hypertext, a poetry chapbook, and a textbook about fiction writing, as well as editor of two collections of essays about innovative contemporary fiction and chair of the board of edgy publisher […]

Vanishing Vistas

A new book pays tribute to Jim Jones, the pater familias of red rock painters. The southwestern United States is a rugged, arid, yet surprisingly fragile environment. While it may seem inhospitable, with its vast sun-baked landscape, windswept plateaus, and soaring rock formations, in reality the region is a draw for tourists, artists, and moviemakers—and […]

The Persistent President

The Echoes of A. Ray Olpin’s Footsteps Still Reverberate Across Campus Today.