The Beehive Honor Society selects new members

One might think the rich and prestigious history of the Beehive Honor Society would leave its newest inductees feeling just a little nervous about the company they'll keep. But with resumes already long and impressive, the new graduates inducted this spring confidently took their places on May 13 beside the 950 existing members of the Society. In addition to the graduates, the Society also selected Jerilynn S. McIntyre, former Vice President for Academic Affairs, for honorary membership, and Chai Jung Sammy Fan of Olympus High School as the recipient of the Society's annual scholarship to a promising high school senior.

The oldest honor society at the U, the Beehive Honor Society recognizes graduates who demonstrate leadership, scholarship, and service to the U and to the community. This year, 24 graduates were selected, representing a range of disciplines and future plans. "These students are the best at the U – the creme de la creme," notes Nanette Richard BS'90 of the Alumni Association.

Seated: President Bernie Machen and Alissa Owen Front row, l. to r.: Jerilyn S. McIntyre (honorary member), Jill Waldron, Marci Butterfield, Kari Bodell, Matthew Soulier, Lisa Lloyd, Erin Anne Shaw, Melanie Rubalcava, Bryn Thornley, Ann Hinckley, Martha Poleman, and Mark Wride Back row, l. to r.: Seamus Barry, Linda Ellison, Michael Cottom, Josh Bradley, Damond Watkins, Nikhil Bhayani, Brent Jensen, Bradley Waterman, Michael Boyden, Ryan Boyack, Drew Hansen, Thomas Caine.

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