Vol. 12. No. 3
Winter 2002

Donors of $100 or more to University of Utah general funds are now being offered membership in recognition societies called Annual Fund "gift clubs." These clubs are designed to thank donors with benefits that strengthen their ties to the U.

"The various colleges and programs are already recognizing donors who give directly to their areas," says Jeff Driggs, director of annual giving. "But these new gift clubs are a way we can acknowledge and involve donors who contribute to the overall mission of the University with unrestricted gifts."

Membership is granted to those who pledge annual gifts of $100 or more to the University's Special Opportunities Fund (unrestricted) or General Scholarship Fund.

Benefits include a distinctive lapel pin donors can wear with pride to show their affiliation with the U; a listing in the U's honor roll of donors; and a yearly subscription to Continuum to keep them informed of events and accomplishments at the U.

Members pledging to the Collegiate, Utah, or Heritage Clubs will also be invited to special events on campus, including Utah Today!, an annual showcase of student artistic and academic talent designed especially for club members.

"The U has some wonderful friends who are giving generously to the University," says Driggs. "We are so pleased now to have this means of thanking them for their kindness and reporting on the results of their giving."

Electronic Funds Transfer Makes Supporting the U Easier Than Ever
The U is happy to respond to alumni who have asked for a means of automatic monthly giving: Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). EFT is a simple way to spread the cost of your annual support of the University over a year, authorizing your bank to transfer to the U a preset monthly amount. You may already use EFT to pay your mortgage, insurance, or auto loans. If so, you know how secure and convenient it is. You know exactly when and what will be automati-cally debited from your account. You'll no longer have to write out and mail in checks, hang onto receipts until tax season, or wait until you can best afford the gift you want to make. EFT also benefits the U by reducing the costs of mailing and telephoning donation requests and by simplifying our gift receipting operations.
  • Century Club: Annual gifts of $100 to $299
  • Collegiate Club: Annual gifts of $300 to $499
  • Utah Club: Annual Gifts of $500 to $999
  • Heritage Club: Annual Gifts of $1,000 or more

For more information on any of these Annual Fund programs, call 1-800-716-0377 or email: jdriggs@utah.edu.

With Matching Gifts, you can! (Well, at least you can help direct your company's charitable dollars.) To find out if your employer is one of the thousands of U.S. companies that match gifts made to the U by their current and retired employees and directors (and their spouses), go to www.ugive.utah.edu/ways and click on "Matching Gifts Employer Search." Your support of the U could be worth twice as much!

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