Utah International Affairs
Time Line

Four international students from Korea, Indo-China, the Philippines, and Germany honored by the Salt Lake Rotary Club at the Hotel Utah.

Spanish Club formed by Colombian student, Isaac Emil Shvem.

"Hospitality for Foreign Students Program" is implemented, encouraging Americans to invite students from abroad to their homes for holiday dinners.

American Brother-Sister campus program begins­assigns University students to help orient new international students.

Intercultural Center established

International student enrollment rises to 170, led by Germans with 26.

World Party held for over 1,000 international students studying in Utah. Program features guest speaker, O. C. Tanner BA'29 JD'36.

Under the International Teacher Program, 20 foreign educators from 10 countries receive grants to study at the U.

India Students' Association formed.

Braj Kumar Nehru, India's ambassador to the United States, visits the University campus.

Ahmad Hashad, a University student, is chosen to represent all Egyptian students studying in the United States.

Intercultural Center's relocation.

Michael Comay, Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, speaks at the University of Utah.

Frithjof Prydz BS'69, Norwegian international student, wins national ski jump competition.

Spotlight Committee sponsors week on India, 10,000 attend.

The Nagoya Broadcasting Company sponsors 10 visiting Japanese university students.

First Czechoslovakian student, Marta Kucerova Hall, enrolls at the University of Utah.

First International Week held, sponsored by the Students From Abroad Committee and the Arabian, Iranian, Korean, and Chinese Student Association.

Six-month study-abroad program in Kiel, Germany, begins.

Khosrow Mostofi is named director of the Middle East Center.

United Nations History reception at Hotel Utah for international students as an opportunity to meet community leaders and other prominent citizens.

A record number of international students enroll at University: 356 students and 62 exchange visitors representing 66 foreign countries.

Mitra Nickanpour is crowned as the first Iranian homecoming queen.

Approximately 725 international students enroll from 65 countries.

International House closes after 10 years as residence for international students.

The International Office offers its first study-abroad program: the International Student Exchange Program.

International Center is founded by Bill Barnhart MS'71, combining study abroad operations and international student and scholar services. The first direct exchange with a Japanese institution, Kansai University of Foreign Studies, is established.

First official study-abroad program to Cambridge, England. Program sponsors 24 participants.

Direct bilateral agreements proliferate as the University adds 20 agreements with universities around the world

Prof. Gene Fitzgerald conducts his first student tour to Russia in 1984. After 14 years and 12 trips, Fitzgerald relinquishes program direction.

Prof. Tom Malloy, psychology, establishes "The Transformational Journey to Mexico." Twenty students participate in the innovative service-learning study-abroad experience.

Donald Barton BS'58 MA'59, a professor of languages and literature, leads record number of 78 students to Neuchatel, Switzerland, for his 25th year as program director.

The Nagoya International Scholarship Program begins.

The Reza Ali Khazeni Memorial Scholarship is founded "to enhance the opportunities for graduate students in humanities, fine arts, and architecture to study abroad."

Two hundred forty-one U students study abroad under the auspices of the International Center. This includes Cambridge (39), Kiel (30), Nagano (13), Neuchatel (29) Oviedo (75), Siena (28), Belfast (10), and Greece (17).

Utah European Association launched at Heidelberg alumni reunion.