Vol. 12. No. 2
Fall 2002


Whether it's coming upon a free concert outside the Union or hearing music students practicing on the steps of Gardner Hall, many respondents told Continuum that the sound of music floating across campus is one of the great pleasures at the U. An e-mail from Ann Blanchard BA'75 of the undergraduate studies office says it best:

"Over the years I've worked here, it has been unexpectedly delightful to happen upon someone passionately playing music outdoors. Sometimes singing wafts from the music building as you walk down the hill. In the summer you can hear Kathy Cutler ex'79 [of the accounting office] practicing her pan pipes during her lunch hour behind the Park Building. My favorite moment happened one early foggy morning as I trudged up the steps by the library fountain. From what seemed to be simultaneously nowhere and everywhere, a lone trumpet player soloed Aaron Copeland's haunting 'Fanfare for the Common Man.' I never saw the player for the heavy fog, but the musical moment was absolutely breathtaking."


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