Vol. 12. No. 2
Fall 2002

Scholarship recipient Anna West

"People who are involved in extracurricular activities have higher grade-point averages, are more likely to graduate in four years and go on to graduate school, have a higher level of self confidence, have a greater satisfaction with the campus environment, and develop better leadership skills."

—Alexander Astin,
American Council on Education


Scholarships Create Opportunities

What is it that you remember most about your college years?

Is it the satisfaction of participating in a worthwhile service project? Is it the association with a favorite professor or the memory of a great football victory? Is it joining a fraternity or playing cards in the Union Building with your friends?

These are the student activities that enrich an education. And they're the kind many of today's students can't squeeze in when working to pay tuition and bills.

That's where the U's Scholarship Campaign comes in.

Focused on recruitment, retention, need, and diversity, the Scholarship Campaign, one of only a few in the nation devoted solely to raising monies for student financial aid, has to date raised $23.4 million in new scholarship funds toward the campaign's $35 million goal.

Studies show that students who are on scholar-ship have the freedom to participate in a variety of opportunities, particularly during the undergraduate years. These encompass a wide range of social, recreational, spiritual, leadership, and service-building experiences.

Scholarship recipient Anna West, a senior in music performance, is one of many students whose college experience has been heightened by scholarship support. "As well as the added incentive to work hard," says West, "having a scholarship has made it possible for me to focus on my schoolwork. It's also given me time to be involved in many different extracurricular activities on campus and to continue giving piano lessons. It has had a tremendous influence on the way I view my education."

West started teaching piano when she was a high school senior. "Music, the arts, and theater are all important to achieving a high quality of life," she says. "Those who have gained a love of music have a deeper sense of beauty and emotion than they did before. I have also seen it have an effect on discipline and self-confidence in children. By teaching children to love music and learn to play, I can have a part in making sure music continues to flourish in all our lives."


Read more about Anna West and other scholarship recipients online. Then click the “Ugive” icon to participate in the Scholarship Campaign by supporting a scholarship in the department or program of your choice. The website has a convenient online gift form. For additional information or to receive a Scholarship Campaign booklet, call the University of Utah Development Office at 800-716-0377 or 801-581-6825.