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  And Finally - The Best Investment You Can Make

And Finally...

The Best Investment You Can Make

By Clark and Christine Ivory

U of U campus

What a world we live in.

International markets are suddenly in tilt. Perhaps now we are beginning to realize just how complicated the facets of our global economy are. But be patient—we are going to make it, and you have an opportunity to be part of the solution.

As we have considered how we can best help our community—and indeed, the world in which we live—we always come back to the University of Utah: The U prepares the physicians and teachers, the scientists and business people, the lawyers and engineers—the professionals and leaders who can make a difference in the most challenging of times. The U also prepares the artists and dancers, the authors and poets, the actors and musicians who bring beauty and laughter, vision and introspection, and color and movement into our lives.

To solve the world’s most pressing social, political, and economic issues, we need individuals who have intense drive and a broad world view, and who are able to respect tradition while embracing new ideas. This kind of individual is well represented at the University of Utah, in our students, staff, and faculty—all highly skilled in their own respective fields, but also trained to think creatively across traditional academic and professional disciplines. Trained to think about complex issues from multiple—and sometimes totally new—vantage points. Trained to ask probing questions. Trained to articulate their ideas with clarity and precision.

The overarching goal of Together We Reach: The Campaign for the University of Utah is to provide our students and faculty with what they need to excel. The campaign revolves around engaging students in their academic and college experiences; encouraging individual and collaborative research initiatives by our students and faculty; facilitating the commercialization of new techniques or products that stem from their research initiatives; making sure our teaching, research, and student working and living spaces encourage individual and collaborative learning; adding greater diversity of backgrounds and culture to the campus; and, finally, facilitating greater engagement of our students, staff, and faculty in the multitude of communities they serve.

Through programs like USTAR (the Utah Science Technology and Research initiative), the University is bringing some of the nation’s brightest faculty stars—and their teams of postdoctoral students and lab assistants—to Utah. And as their research discoveries go to market, the University of Utah can only strengthen its role as one of the most prominent and productive economic engines in the state.

There is so much to be proud of.

We are honored to serve the University as part of the volunteer leadership for Together We Reach: The Campaign for the University of Utah. As a member of the President’s Campaign Cabinet Executive Committee (Clark) and a member of the President’s Campaign Cabinet (Christine, representing the Virginia Tanner Creative Dance Program), we each look forward to sharing our enthusiasm for the ways in which Together We Reach will transform the student experience at the University of Utah. We also look forward to expressing our strong support for the vision and leadership of President Michael K. Young.

Whether you live in Utah or thousands of miles away, you are part of the University of Utah family. If you haven’t been on campus lately, we encourage you to visit soon—in person or virtually—and learn more about the amazing achievements of our students and faculty to ensure a bright future for our children—and their children.

And right now, perhaps more than ever, we need to invest in the future of our University. Because the University of Utah is all about asking questions and providing solutions—solutions that will make our world better not just today but for generations to come.

What better investment could anyone make?

Please join with us in support of Together We Reach: The Campaign for the University of Utah.

Go Utes!

— Clark BA’88 and Christine Ivory are members of the Together We Reach Campaign Volunteer Leadership.

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