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Your Letters


Thank you very much for the Continuum magazines.... All my gratitude for keeping me informed of the U of U’s latest events. It is pretty interesting reading, as you can imagine. I read them over and will do so for quite some time. I have kept all the Continuums I was sent by you or your office since I returned from Salt Lake City in September 1971.

Mrs. Andree Barnett, professor in linguistics, is mentioned in [Spring 2008] In Memoriam. I will never forget Mrs. Barnett. She was an outstanding teacher, and so typical Parisian. I learned a lot with Mrs. Barnett; thanks to her I could bring up a higher French knowledge for those years I had lost education, that is from 1940 to 1944-45.

Jacqueline Roecker BA’70
(and Life Member of the University of Utah Alumni Association)
Benfeld, France


[Managing Editor] Linda Marion forwarded some copies to me of the Continuum with my feature [“A Brighter Future,” Summer 2008]. I was very pleased with the article. I think that [writer] Deborah Moeller did an excellent job in presenting a balanced story about a hot and sometimes controversial subject. I was happy with her portrayal. Many journalists who have interviewed me in the past clearly have their own agenda when they write up the story, and I thought that Deborah did not push any particular agenda but asked appropriate questions, did her own research, and quoted me accurately. Please thank her for me for a job well done.

Bryan Jepson BA’91 MD’95
Austin, Texas


I agree with Russ Stubbles’ comments [on the passing of political science professor J.D. Williams] in the last Continuum [Your Letters, Spring 2008].

As a Poli. Sci. minor, I spent quite a bit of time in Williams’ classes, and as a participant in the 1968 Mock Political Convention and editor of the Convention Program, I was able to spend many hours under his guidance. What a great man, with a great attitude toward life. He made us think! He made us realize the many great opportunities we have in America. He made us better people. I wish I had met more like him during this life. I, like Russ Stubbles, had often wondered what ever happened to J.D. Williams.

Thanks for letting me know.

John K. Thurston BS’68
Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

We’re eager to hear from you. Please send letters to editor Jason Matthew Smith,, or to 201 Presidents Circle, Room 308, Salt Lake City, UT 84112.

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