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Spring 2010

House, Home, Reception Hall

The University of Utah’s First Family resides in a home that accommodates both their public and private lives.

The Ivory Keys to Success

The U’s School of Music helps elementary and high school students hit all the right notes.

Team Brain: Moving Past Adversity

Creating a caring, proactive community for those with Multiple Sclerosis.

A Stately Home, Inspiring Stories, and Pioneers

Everyone knows that the president of the United States lives in the White House. But how many in the University of Utah community are aware that the University president also lives in a publicly owned white house? It’s a bit smaller, less imposing, and there is no Oval Office, but it’s a handsome, stately building…


News of the University Together We Reach: An Update on the U’s Capital Campaign Since July 2005, the University has been engaged in a comprehensive capital campaign—“Together We Reach”—to raise funds for scholarships, research, facilities, and many other areas. The goal is to reach $1.2 billion by October 2013, when the campaign will come to…

That’s Just How It Was

Wat Misaka broke the color barrier in pro basketball, despite unimaginable odds. Wataru “Wat” Misaka BS’48 never tried to make history. He just wanted to play basketball—at the same time that his government was keeping 120,000 of his fellow Japanese Americans locked up in concentration camps. World War II may have stoked America’s racist streak,…

You Need a Person

Anthropologist Polly Wiessner turns her efforts toward benefiting the people she studies. The Enga tribes of Papua New Guinea have a saying, “Endakali Yangingi”—You need a person—meaning that everybody is of value and has something to give to accomplish a task, no matter how daunting or trivial. Polly Wiessner has been one such person for…

Vanishing Vistas

A new book pays tribute to Jim Jones, the pater familias of red rock painters. The southwestern United States is a rugged, arid, yet surprisingly fragile environment. While it may seem inhospitable, with its vast sun-baked landscape, windswept plateaus, and soaring rock formations, in reality the region is a draw for tourists, artists, and moviemakers—and…

Coming Full Circle

An alum makes her way back to Utah after forging a groundbreaking career in litigation communications. When Andy Pettitte, a New York Yankees starting pitcher with a reputation for being straight and honest, got caught up in a Congressional investigation over performance-enhancing drugs, his legal team knew that he would need help in handling the…

Alumni Association News

Founders Day 2010 Founders Day traditions date back to 1899, when the Utah State Legislature voted to move the University of Utah to its present location on Salt Lake City’s east bench. The event coincided with the University’s founding on February 28 and inspired a celebration that continues to this day. In honor of the…

Through the Years

E. Gordon Gee BA’68 • Pramod Amin MS’71 • Michael Cotter MBA’73 • O. Randall “Randy” Woodbury BA’77 • James S. Fassio BS’77 • Lynn D. Malmstrom BS’77 • G. Paul Doxey MD’80 • John Robinson MD’80 • Patricia Berry MS’80 • Catherine M. Larson BS’82 JD’93 • Matt Berrett BA’85

In Memoriam

Farewell tributes to University of Utah friends we wish to remember

Simone Simonian’s Portraits of Aziz and Lola Atiya

WEB EXTRA~ (Studies and final portraits, a bonus to the Spring 2010 Through the Years sidebar on Simonian and the Atiyas.) Return to TTY

A Business and Personal Partnership Founded at the U

WEB EXTRA~ (A Web bonus related to the Alum Profile “Coming Full Circle”) Greenfield’s experiences at the U of U led her to not just the combination of public relations and law, but also to what has become a decades-long friendship and, eventually, professional relationship with a fellow communication major. In a communication class in…

The Many Faces of MS

The most predictable feature of Multiple Sclerosis is its unpredictability. A patient’s first MS “attack” can seemingly come out of nowhere, often striking otherwise healthy individuals in their 20s, 30s, or 40s. The attack manifests as symptoms that vary widely but can include pain, numbness, blurred vision, fatigue, dizziness, and decreased mobility. For the 85…