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Bridging Borders

U social workers lead the way in efforts to build and connect local and global refugee communities.

Connor Yakaitis worked long hours as an intern on Utah’s Capitol Hill.

Cultivating Political Passion

U students have myriad opportunities to learn about—and participate in—the political process.

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Music in the Mountains

How Red Butte Garden became everyone's favorite place to go for a show.

Five Language Myths Busted

Not everything you might believe about how speech works is true.

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The Stork

Casting a long shadow on the field and in the classroom.

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A Voice for Global Justice

Law Professor Erika George fights to end practices that erode human dignity.

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Good Trouble

A civil rights icon inspires students to engage in social change.

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Next Gen Healers

A unique internship guides Native Americans undergrads from around the country toward science and medicine.

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Partners to Prevent Cancer

Dr. Joshua Schiffman studies elephants' genes to find out what makes them so resistant to the disease.

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Providing a Home

Utah's acclaimed Housing First program to eliminate chronic homelessness has strong University of Utah ties.

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Why should it be so hard to die?

Bioethicist Peggy Battin ponders some of life's most difficult questions.

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Undergrads Get Clinical

A new minor gives undergraduates valuable clinical research experience.


Man in Motion

A challenging childhood gave Kam Leang a drive toward ingenuity.

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When Bright Minds Turn Dark

With mental health concerns among college students on the rise, the U is throwing a lifeline.

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Young, Scrappy, and Hungry

Lynne Roberts brings her underdog spirit to Utah women's basketball.