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A Day in the Life of a First-Grade Teacher

From the outside looking in, a teacher’s days may appear attractive, with short hours and summers off. However, that view is an optical illusion. The reality is that a teacher’s daily hours don’t end when the kids head home. And that long summer? Most teachers spend the entire month of August preparing lesson plans for…


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This new entrepreneurial haven is the reason many are saying the University of Utah is now the “place to be” for student entrepreneurs.

Campus Scene: Farewell to OSH

Farewell to OSH Orson Spencer Hall, affectionately known by nearly everyone throughout its 60-plus years on campus as “OSH,” is no more. The two-story, mid-century modern building was razed in late October. Named for the first chancellor of the university, OSH was one of the first post-WWII structures on campus designed exclusively for classrooms. Nearly…


Find out why some people function just fine with little sleep. Or do they?

Alum News

Five Alumni Recognized with Merit of Honor Awards The Emeritus Alumni Board selected five outstanding alumni to receive 2016 Merit of Honor Awards. The annual awards recognize university of Utah alumni who graduated 40 or more years ago (or who have reached age 65 or better) whose careers have been marked by outstanding service to…

Like Father, Like Daughter

Bev Uipi continues a family legacy of trailblazing in local politics.

Alumni Association Scholarships

Each spring, the University of Utah Alumni Association is honored to award more than half a million dollars of scholarship money to students, ranging from incoming freshmen to graduate students. That amount usually surprises people, and we are often asked where the money comes from. The simple response is: From you, our alumni and friends.…

Through the Years

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One More

DOWNWINDERS OF UTAH The 1950s marked the beginning of the U. S. government’s nuclear weapons testing in a remote desert area known as the Nevada Test Site. The explosions created mushroom clouds that could be seen for almost 100 miles. The fallout and radiation traveled far beyond that, with devastating effects to those living downwind.…


Some of the latest comments and letters from our readers


More than 8,000 people packed the Huntsman Center in June to hear His Holiness the Dalai Lama speak about peace, compassion, and universal responsibility.

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Campus Scene

History of Hip-Hop is a unique class that explores hip-hop’s cultural origins and evolution, its sociopolitical underpinnings, and its ties to other art forms.


A team of hydrologists simulate isolated climate change effects on the Rocky Mountain stream systems.

In it to win it: Advice from two U alums in the same race

Two U alumni in the same political race share how the U has helped them and offer advice for others aspiring to political office.