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International Progress I believe this is a great step forward [“Global U,” Winter 2013-14]. It builds on the international education experiences like the one I enjoyed in 1973 when I studied Arabic in Tunisia, with the assistance of an NDEA Fellowship. I also did my PhD dissertation research in Tunisia in 1973 with the assistance…

Campus Notebook

Two Utah dance companies, Ballet West and Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, had their beginnings at the U.


Outdoor recreation equipment for spinal cord injury patients, new findings in brain theory, and identification of an immunodeficiency disorder mutation are all recent developments at the U.

The Campus Rostrum

The century-old rock has a colorful and mysterious past.


Quite a Journey Loved the photo essay [“Dinosaur Caravan,” Fall 2013]. Had no idea that a highway was not in place in the 1920s and that a ferry and dirt roads were the mode of travel. What a historical journey to Salt Lake City. I still own the house that my mother was raised in…

Campus Notebook

A new University of Utah center in Montana's Centennial Valley will focus on courses in conservation and related interdisciplinary study.


A ski pole equivalent of a Swiss Army knife, a 3-D visualization tool to aid biological research, and a portable outdoor power source are all innovations developed at the U.

Remembering Carlson Hall

The first residence hall on the U campus is gone, but not forgotten.

Utah forward Taryn Wicijowski looks for a pass in a game against Kansas State during the Women’s National Invitation Tournament. (Photo courtesy University of Utah Athletics Department)

Building a Team

The U has a plan to bring more attention, and crowds, to its women’s basketball team.


Alternatives to Animal Research? I’m amazed at the number of construction projects now going on at the U [“Construction Update,” Spring 2013]. As a donor, I’m glad others are contributing to the U’s development. My one concern is the animal labs attached to the Skaggs Pharmacy Building. I hope the U explores alternatives to animal…

Campus Notebook

University Strengthens Oversight of Athlete Complaints University of Utah President David W. Pershing in July announced new measures to ensure student athletes have multiple outlets to report inappropriate behavior. Pershing acted after an independent investigation revealed deficiencies in the current system. In March, the University’s Board of Trustees hired three attorneys as independent investigators to…


Less toxic semiconductors, imaging to help understand Down syndrome, and more are showcased in this new section on the U's research and health innovations.

Freight wagons carry dinosaur fossils down Salt Lake City's Main Street in 1924, on their way to the University of Utah. (Photo courtesy Special Collections, J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah)

Dinosaur Caravan

A trove of fossils packed onto wagons created a stir as it made its way to the U.

Campus Notebook

Dean Searches at the U Bring Opportunities The University of Utah is currently searching to fill eight dean positions, a little less than half the institution’s total number of 19 deans. Many of the departing deans have gone on to greater administrative responsibilities. Three searches—for the College of Education, the Graduate School, and the Marriott…

Photo courtesy Special Collections, J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah

Planting the Future

Walter P. Cottam brought trees to the U campus and conservation into the national spotlight.