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Some of the latest comments and letters from our readers


More than 8,000 people packed in the Huntsman Center in June to hear His Holiness speak about peace, compassion, and universal responsibility.

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Campus Scene

Breaking Down the Groove After teaching hip-hop dance at the U for a few years, Sara Pickett MFA’09 realized her students were curious about the backstory and impact of the music and moves. So she started History of Hip-Hop, a unique class that explores hip-hop’s cultural origins and evolution, its sociopolitical underpinnings, and its ties…


A team of hydrologists simulate isolated climate change effects on the Rocky Mountain stream systems.

In it to win it: Advice from two U alums in the same race

Two U alumni in the same political race share how the U has helped them and offer advice for others aspiring to political office.

Alum News

Leslee Anderson Bond gives readers a firsthand glimpse of what campus life was like in the 1930s.

A New Place for Alumni to Call Home

Parker Ence HBS’11 was only 9 years old, but he still remembers his first experience at the University of Utah’s Alumni House. “My cousins and I were playing hide-andseek when we should have been listening to speeches and toasts at my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary celebration.” Parker didn’t realize the significance of his grandfather choosing to have…

A Harvest of Hope

U alums and friends raise funds for neighbors in need.

Through the Years

News about University of Utah alumni

One More

In this, our 102nd issue, we pause to celebrate 25 years of exploring the traditions, heritage, and evolving experience excellence of the University of Utah. We thank you, the readers, for sharing this journey with us. Together, we've watched many chapters of university history unfold within these pages.


Some of the latest comments and letters from our readers


NBA-bound U center Jakob Poeltl wins that accolade as teammate Brandon Taylor is named Pac-12 Scholar-Athlete of the Year.


A team of U students hopes to fight cervical cancer in the developing world with a new handheld treatment device.


Campus Scene

Campus Quidditch U students now field not one but two teams for quidditch, the part rugby, part basketball, all magical sport inspired by the Harry Potter books. Though they are “muggles” (nonmagical folk, in the Pottersphere), the full-contact sport’s co-ed teams play while straddling makeshift “brooms” (typically, decorated PVC pipes) just as its fictional flying…

Alum Notes

Spring Awards Honor Playoff Pac Founder and Global Health Advocate The Alumni Association presented more than $500,000 in student scholarships and recognized both an outstanding young alumnus and an exceptional student adviser at its Spring Awards on April 6. The Young Alumni Board presented its Par Excellence Award to Matthew Sanderson BA’05 in recognition of…